Membership Pricing

Peaceful Perks – $30/month

Compression Therapy Boots

BrainTap Headset Sessions

1 Neural Check every 6 Months

Root of Health – $86/month

(less than $5/session!)

18 uses per month of our Wellness Sauna Pod and/or Wellness Light Therapy

Unused sessions roll over to the next month and can be gifted to family and friends

Root of Health + Peaceful Perks – $103/month

Combine our two memberships for the best value!


Wellness Light Therapy

We offer light therapy for your entire body - scalp to feet! Our light therapy offerings include blue, green, red, and infrared light. Follow the button to learn more about how light therapy can improve your life. 

Wellness Sauna Pod

Our Wellness Sauna Pod is a personal sauna that allows for your head to be away from the heat. It also features Halo Therapy and Infrared Heat Therapy in addition to traditional heat therapy. Click the button to learn more!


Compression Therapies

Compression offers many benefits and we have several devices for you to take advantage of! Enjoy a foot massage while your hair is processing or compression massage on your legs during your lashes! Our BOA Max system is great as a stand alone treatment or added on to a facial for lymphatic drainage or even a cellulite and slimming treatment during your service. Follow to learn all the ways we use compression therapies for your benefit. 


Whether you're wanting peaceful sounds of falling rain, a breathwork session, or a guided learning experience BrainTap is the perfect device to help you relax deeper, energize your body, or form new connections in your brain! This is available to add to your wellness visits or even many of our salon + spa services!