Unlock Wellness: Discover Our Memberships at Root Salon & Spa

At Root Salon & Spa, we firmly believe that self-care is crucial to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. With this philosophy at our core, we’ve designed our Membership Programs to complement your daily routine, offering exceptional value and enhancing your wellness journey. No matter your schedule, we have a membership option tailored just for you!

Why Start a Membership at Root?

Consistent Care: Stay on top of your wellness goals with our memberships designed for regularity. Not only can you achieve your desired wellness outcomes, but you can effortlessly maintain them with our consistent care.

Explore Our Membership Options

We proudly offer three distinct membership levels to accommodate various needs and preferences. Each membership provides access to select wellness therapies at an outstanding value, enabling you to choose the perfect fit for your lifestyle and wellness ambitions.

Peaceful Perks Membership

Our Peaceful Perks Membership is an excellent introductory package that delivers significant wellness benefits. With the peaceful perks membership, you can enjoy our compression therapy boots, BrainTap Headset sessions, and a biannual Neural check. It’s a fantastic way to start your wellness journey with us!

Root of Health Membership

The Root of Health Membership grants you access to our Wellness Sauna Pod and Wellness Light Therapy. This membership includes 18 visits, which can be used across the Sauna Pod and Light Therapy bed or a combination of both. A standout feature of this membership is the rollover of sessions to the next month and the ability to gift unused sessions to family and friends, provided the membership remains active.

Root of Health & Peaceful Perks Combination

For those who want the ultimate wellness experience, our Root of Health & Peaceful Perks Combination offers incredible value. This package combines both membership levels, providing all the benefits of each at an unbeatable price.

If you’re ready to learn more about how Root can help you on your wellness journey, check out our Membership page!