Big enough to make things happen,

small enough to care.

Scrummi, Sustainable Towels

Here at Root we believe that sustainability is one of the most important aspects of our salon. The beauty industry is incredibly wasteful, and we want to change that. That is the reason we use Scrummi.


Scrummi is made from 100% soft and natural biodegradable wood fibers from certified sustainable sources and is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. The Scrummi towels will biodegrade in about 100 days; this is comparable to an orange peel!


The energy used in the entire lifecycle of a Scrummi Towel, including it’s manufacture, is 90% less than the energy used by a washing machine and dryer to clean a single cotton towel.

As an added bonus, our guests can take them home for their own garden or compost or we will recycle them! We are currently looking for local farmers who compost to help us  compost more locally!

ECOHEADS, Rinsing Responsibly

By choosing to use ECOHEADS at our shampoo bowls we gain cleaner water, better pressure and save up to 65% of water and energy.


We have partnered with Sustain Beauty + The Thirst Project to bring safe, clean drinking water to communities who previously did not have access to this life giving resource.

Green Circle Salon

We are a Green Circle Salon and that means we are 95% sustainable! 


We recycle hair, hair color, metals,  any single use disposable item, plastics, paper, glass, and even old tools! Anything that cannot be recycled locally we send to be properly cared for through Green Circle facilities. We even have plastic bins made from recycled hair and plastic that we use to collect these items! 


We are committed to responsibly sorting materials from each service so that our waste is limited. We have also committed to intentionally limiting our disposable waste and purchase recycled products where possible.