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Aisha has been with Root since 2018. She offers permanent brows, lip blushing, and tattoo removal. She is passionate about helping each guest feel confident in their own skin. Her humor is matched only by her heart. Aisha is a wife and mother of three. Her husband actually owns his own tattoo studio! Aisha will take the time to find your correct shade, shaping, and preferences when mapping your brows. She will make suggestions that she feels is correct for your face shape and skin needs.

About tattoo's with Aisha

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Permanent Brows

Unlike microblading, permanent brows are a tattoo that is placed into the skin with a tattoo machine. This does not show individual hair strokes.

With permanent brows, you will get a color specially formulated for you!

At the beginning of your service, your provider will map out your brows based on your features. You will then be able to see the final size and shape and decide if you want to make any changes before the tattoo is applied.

The short answer is no. Numbing cream is used to allow a pain free service, however, everyone can react differently.

Yes! Permanent makeup is used with a real tattoo machine and tattoo needles, however, unlike body tattoos, PMU only penetrates the very top layer of skin, creating beautiful, natural looking results.

PMU takes 6-8 weeks to be completely healed in the skin, however 7-10 days are the most essential days of aftercare and dealing with the open skin.

Touch ups are highly recommended with pmu! All skin is different so touch ups are recommended to perfect your design. A huge part of healing is aftercare and things can happen during that time to alter the tattoo. The first touch up is discounted because you’re seen back sooner to perfect shape and color. However, touch ups are not required, so if you’re completely happy with the initial result, you don’t need one.