Elevate your style with jewelry that lasts forever!

Permanent jewelry is the accessory that is welded to fit you!


We love the sleek and minimalist aesthetic of permanent jewelry. Because there are no clasps or other hardware, the jewelry has a clean and streamlined look that’s perfect for those who prefer understated and timeless pieces.


We carry a range of metals and styles to fit your personal preferences. Your permanent jewelry artist will help guide you through the process of choosing your pieces and their aftercare needs. 

Our permanent jewelry is available upon appointment. Many come in just for themselves, but we also love group appointments.


Selecting jewelry together makes for a fun girls day! Matching bracelets are fun for couples or bridesmaids. Regardless what you’re celebrating, we’re excited to be a part of the experience. 



Permanent Jewelry appointments cost $30 for 30 minutes. Jewelry is not included in this cost. 


Jewelry pricing depends on the material chosen and is charged per inch and per additional item such as diamonds or gems. 


Sterling Silver typically falls around $2 per inch. This is a great option for those new to permanent jewelry. For tarnishing, we recommend cleaning with lemon and baking soda on the wrist.


Gold filled typically ranges from $3-6 per inch. It is a lower cost, long lasting alternative to solid gold. It is 5% 14k gold, so base metal will expose over time.

Solid 14k Gold typically ranges from $15-20 per inch. 14k Gold is top of the line for permanent jewelry and has a lifetime value. When done with the piece, simply snip to remove and the chain can be kept to be re-welded at another time.