Luxury Upgrades

GEL POLISH   $10-16

Gel polish allows your pedicure to be dry immediately as well as increases the longevity of your pedicure.



As this warm, stimulating prickly pear cactus toning gel is brushed onto your skin, blood circulation increases, improving skin’s elasticity while helping firm the surface. Extracts of ginger root, paprika, and carrageenan bring a healthy, vibrant glow. Great for nourishing the skin, as it is packed with mineral salts, vitamins, and calming aloe.



Smoothed, warmed basalt stones are used for a relaxing massage. The heat soothes the muscles while melting away the surface tension to allow for deeper work. The heat from the stones can also dilate your blood vessels increasing blood flow and circulation.



Full Spectrum Hi-Bio Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil contains skin repairing fatty acids Omega 6 & 3, from the seed. Shown to reduce redness, breakouts, irritations, and free radical damage. Bring a calmed, more youthful appearance to skin. CBD is also currently being studied for pain and anxiety reduction, as well as a range of other promising benefits.



Sparkling Passion Fruit Fizzer

Chillax into a fruity dip to comfort and hydrate thirsty skin! A juicy, refreshing scent fills the air when any of these bubbling fizzers is added. 

Cranberry-Orange Bark Fizzer

A warm & spicy scent fills the air as soon as this fizz soak meets the water. Made with nourishing vitamin E and coconut oil, this packs a punch of long-lasting softness.

Lavender + Hibiscus Mineral Soak

This custom blend includes organic Washington lavender, mixed flower blends, and soothing salts including Atlantic Ceara salt harvested from U.S. shores, Pink Himalayan, and magnesium-rich Epsom.

Rosemary Mint Tea Soak

This custom blend include Atlantic Ceara, Pink Himalayan and Epsom salts, scented with natural rosemary and mint oils, and mixed with a rich array of organic teas and flowers like organic green tea, marigold blossoms, rosebuds and more.

Frozen Orange Massage

This cooling massage features fresh oranges and is revitalizing to the senses. Oranges naturally provide an enzyme to exfoliate and soften skin tissue while giving a brightened appearance. 

Seasonal Pedicure Offerings


Our Spring Mini Pedicure includes a quick green tea milk soak, brandy pear exfoliation, cuticle clean up, polish, and finishes with harvest green shea butter.

SPA PEDICURE    50 min

Our Spring Spa Pedicure begins with a green tea milk soak, brandy pear exfoliation, berry radiance mask with hot towels, quinsberry oil massage, cuticle clean up, polish, and finishes with harvest green shea butter.


Our Spring Luxury Pedicure includes your choice of Luxury Soak options and begins with a green tea milk soak, brandy pear exfoliation, hot stone massage, your choice of Hi Bio Treatment or Toning Treatment, berry radiance mask with hot towels, quinsberry oil massage, cuticle clean up, polish, and finishes with harvest green shea butter.