We are honored to be able to give from what we have received. Scroll down to meet Levi and Assiatou. We have committed to giving 10% of our profit to their journeys.

Light for Levi Foundation

The Light for Levi Foundation is a certified 501c3 in Indiana and was founded on the purpose of serving as a beacon of light for others. 

They connect with families and organizations in need, bring broad awareness to their causes, and financially invest in their futures. By donating to The Light for Levi Foundation, we are enabling their vision to ignite hope in others when they need it the most.

World Vision

Pulling up roots of poverty and planting the seeds of change.


Building relationships. Listening. Planning and working alongside local leaders. Together, finding solutions that will change the future for children. 

Meet Levi!

Levi was involved in a drowning accident while trying to save his sister, Lainey. Levi and Lainey are both walking miracles! Our team has followed their story since day one. To learn more, please follow their page Light for Levi and Lainey.

Their mother, Meagan, has been an inspiration to witness through these difficult years. She founded the Light for Levi Foundation. She uses all she has learned to heal her son, to help other families when they need it most! Please follow Light for Levi Foundation link to learn more.


Assiatou lives in Senegal with her parents, two brothers, and three sisters. We are honored to partner with World Vision in providing for Assiatou. World Vision is providing the community with clean water, medication, education, and plans for building the community's future wellbeing.