Compression Therapy

BOA Max – $20

Our BOA Max system is the ultimate form of compression therapy. It was created to help with lymphatic drainage, relaxation, cellulite + slimming.
Each session does improve lymph flow and aids in detoxifying the system, increases oxygen in the blood stream, improves cellular hydration, visual silhouette slimming, and with regular treatments will increase the prevention + reduction of cellulite. 

This is a stand alone treatment or can be added on to facial treatments 50 minutes or longer. 

Socks and pants are required for comfort during this treatment. 


Compression boots allow for increased blood flow and help to reduce inflammation. This can lessen sore muscles and speed recovery, as well as relieving some discomfort from chronic swelling. 

We love these added to lash extensions and facial treatments to help you relax more deeply during your treatment. 

Socks and pants are required for comfort during this treatment. 


Foot massages boost your circulation which helps to keep your muscles and tissues healthy. This unit also has heat to help reduce any tension or pain.

Our foot massage machine is the perfect add on to receive while waiting for your hair to process. 

We will wrap your feat in a single use bag prior to using this device. Socks are not required, but may increase your comfort level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Those who should not receive compression therapy without first checking with their physician are as follow; pregnancy, heart conditions, cancer, malignant tumors, cardiac event in the past 6 months, history of a stroke, uncontrolled seizures, diabetics with sugar high or sugar low within 48 hrs, asthma sufferers who have had an attack within 48hrs, recent alcohol/drug intake

Our Peaceful Perks Membership includes unlimited use of the Compression Boots and the Foot Massager Unit.