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About us

Root Salon & Spa was created to bring a space that was centered on experiences of a collective team of professionals and also the experiences of the guests visiting. This idea meant serving guests beyond the typical expectations. Creating experiences, showing respect and love, and reaching for new levels of what the local salon and spa could be. 

To be a people centered small business for guests, primarily meant showing the same experiences, respect and love for the team members each day! We truly believe we can accomplish more if we work together with our North Star in focus. We believe our North Star is a point where our Holistic Roots come together. Where we can honor each person who steps into our building – team and guests alike, intentionally choose to love others and extend grace, provide superior services through advanced education and effective and bioavailable products, and advocate for our Earth with our choices

We have specifically chosen to always be reaching for new opportunities and creating new career boundaries. We are a High Performance Salon. We look for education opportunities, say no to trendy topics and products that do not fit our Holistic Roots, and we challenge and support each other with love. People centered businesses will always need room for grace, but the overflow of joy that people bring will always be worth it! 

Whether you are looking for a salon and spa experience in our small town or looking to join a highly motivated team, we would love to meet you and are honored to have you visiting this page! Welcome! 

Our Team

Our team is made up of crazy-talented individuals. Each bringing their unique personality and experiences to our team. We operate with a team mentality and encourage you to visit us all!

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Team Member Taylor Barnhiser | SENIOR STYLIST | BRIDAL TEAM |
Team Member
Taylor Barnhiser

Taylor grew up watching her mother build a career in the beauty industry. She admired the way her mother developed her own techniques and continued her education throughout the years! Taylor specializes in blonding and her favorite part of her career is helping her guests find a color that compliments them. Taylor has a contagious laugh and one of the kindest hearts!

Team Member Lori Bostelman | SENIOR ESTHETICIAN |
Team Member
Lori Bostelman

Lori became an esthetician loving all that esthetics stood for. She is passionate about helping others with their skin. She loves the peace that is found in the spa during facial treatments and sharing that experience with each guest.

Team Member
Shiloh Ciepiela

Shiloh is dedicated to her craft and is constantly working to soak up every bit of education available so she can make sure each and every guest has the best experience possible! Shiloh was basically born with a pair of shears in hand and ideas for coloring in her head. She goes above and beyond for guests and her fellow stylists. Shiloh plays a vital role on our leadership team! If you ever get a rare glimpse of Shiloh when she is not creating hair art, she will be educating her team members or planning her next trip to Disney!

Team Member Elizabeth Eason | SENIOR MASSAGE THERAPIST |
Team Member
Elizabeth Eason

Elizabeth's kind spirit and quiet nature cultivates a deep level of relaxation during each massage! She loves spending time with her kids and enjoys the sunshine in her free time. Liz’s passion shines through her gift of healing within her massages.

Team Member Chelsea Gerken | MASTER MASSAGE THERAPIST |
Team Member
Chelsea Gerken

Being a LMT came naturally for Chelsea, which is probably because she has always wanted a career where she could help others and make them feel their best! She loves all of the amazing people that she gets to meet in this career and truly believes every person that comes into your life teaches you something. She loves evolving and constantly learning new things in the industry! She really takes the time to understand each guests struggles and find a plan to bring them peace.

Team Member
Jan Gnagey

Jan is an experienced professional who takes special care with each and every guest she comes into contact with. She loves to get to know her guests and she strives to meet all of their needs with great attention to detail. She dedicates her time with each service to really pamper her guest as well as providing beautiful results!

Team Member Kate Gnagey | CVO | CRO |
Team Member
Kate Gnagey
| CVO | CRO |

Kate cares deeply for her team members as well as all the guests at Root Salon & Spa. Her goal each day is to make Root better than the day before. Wondering what exactly a CVO and CRO are? Chief Vision Officer and Chief Reminding Officer better describe her title rather than CEO and she much prefers these! She is truly the definition of a serving heart and carries the vision of what Root embodies with her.

Team Member Kaitlyn Gype | HOSPITALITY MANAGER |
Team Member
Kaitlyn Gype

Meet Kaitlyn, a bubbly and kind soul with a passion for concerts and a love for spending time with her niece. Her outgoing nature extends to her enjoyment of shopping and her love of Mountain Dew. Kaitlyn's infectious energy and vibrant personality make her a standout in both her professional and personal pursuits.

Team Member Harmony Harrington | MASTER NAIL ARTIST |
Team Member
Harmony Harrington

Harmony is all about the details. She has always loved art and enjoys bringing her talent to her craft! Her bubbly personality shows through her fun earrings and serving heart. Providing the perfect design for each client allows Harmony’s flowing creativity to shine!

Team Member Presley Keller | SENIOR NAIL ARTIST | LEAD STYLIST |
Team Member
Presley Keller

Presley is a talented nail artist that keeps her guests smiling through their whole service! She's the sweetest! Her favorite part of her job is really creating a relationship with her guests and getting to know their stories. Her nail art is one of our favorite things to awe over and her creativity seems never ceasing!

Team Member
Ashley Kunesh
| CPO |

What we can't manage to tell you in these 1000 characters, will be summed up in your first few minutes of speaking with Ashley. She connects with people on the deepest levels in a five minute conversation like you've never before experienced. She is genuine to her core and shows how she cares by asking to know every detail of your life since birth! She is a strong and compassionate leader that leads with humor, gifts of coffee, and "organized" chaos. She carries her other role as police officer into her roles here by really taking the time to understand guests and team members needs and working to help provide whatever is necessary.

Team Member Dara Lavinder | MASTER MASSAGE THERAPIST |
Team Member
Dara Lavinder

Dara spends her days giving people the most relaxing experience possible! She makes it her priority to really know her guests and serve them in the best way she can. She brings her other passion as an EMT with her by always responding quickly to other's needs, helping however she knows how. She heals best with her Thai therapy and provides a different route to healing that traditional massage alone cannot always give.

Team Member Grace Ledyard | LEAD STYLIST | LEAD NAIL ARTIST |
Team Member
Grace Ledyard

With a lifelong passion for making people feel beautiful, Grace has mastered the art of hairstyling and nail design. Specializing in fashion colors and men's cuts, she brings creativity and precision to every appointment. Beyond the salon, she's a dedicated worker who loves curling up with a good book and cheering at hockey games. Dependable and committed, she's ready to make your salon experience unforgettable.

Team Member Brieann Lewis | SENIOR ESTHETICIAN | BRIDAL TEAM |
Team Member
Brieann Lewis

Brie is a compassionate person and loves to help others feel their absolute best. She loves every part of being an esthetician - waxing, makeup, skincare, and lash extensions! Brie has spent all her life caring for others. She is a rare gem and never tires of helping others all around her. She truly has a serving heart and you can feel it in the first few minutes of speaking with her.

Team Member Rachel Lee | LEAD ESTHETICIAN |
Team Member
Rachel Lee

Rachel is eager to meet new people and loves the opportunity to serve those around her. Her smiling face and outgoing personality make her a perfect team member and you'll find her in the spa giving luxury services!

Team Member
Alyssa Malburg

Through her cheerful personality and contagious laugh she keeps the energy high and positive! Alyssa enjoys photography and utilizes her talent within the salon. She truly cares for those around her and isn’t afraid to be herself! Alyssa is dedicated to serving each guest that walks through the door.

Team Member
Miranda McNutt
Meet Miranda, your vibrant and efficient hair stylist with a passion for making everyone feel confident. She's not just about crafting stunning looks; Miranda loves educating clients on home care and maintenance. With a bubbly personality and a love for chatting, she's your go-to for lively conversations. Miranda specializes in lived-in color and blondes, and she's also a fan of pink and "The Grinch." Take a seat in her chair for a transformative experience where confidence meets creativity.
Team Member Becky Nadeau | MASTER STYLIST | BRIDAL TEAM |
Team Member
Becky Nadeau

Becky is not only skilled with hair and makeup, she loves making connections with her guests! Becky’s favorite part of her career is being a part of her guests lives and growing with them. She is committed to making people look and feel their absolute best. Becky is a forever optimist, an encourager, a true team player, and her smile is infectious!

Team Member
Samantha Netcher

Sam a sweetheart and really strives to give her most to each guest. Her kind heart is evident at your first visit with her. She loves pampering her guests and is always finding new knowledge to bring to her services. She strives for perfection and it shows in her work!

Team Member Taylor Riebesehl | LEAD NAIL ARTIST |
Team Member
Taylor Riebesehl

Taylor thrives on meaningful conversations with her guests. She delights in offering vibrant colors and designs, tailoring each nail session to reflect her guests' personalities. Beyond beautifying nails, she aims to boost confidence and foster relaxation. Outside the salon, Taylor enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, indulging in reading and attending concerts.

Team Member
Aisha Sarmiento

Aisha is an amazing esthetician who's passion is making each guest feel confident. Her humor is matched only by her heart. She invests in all of her guests and encourages them to know their true beauty. Aisha has been a critical part of Root Salon & Spa becoming 95% sustainable!

Team Member BrieAnna Slattman | LEAD MASSAGE THERAPIST |
Team Member
BrieAnna Slattman

BrieAnna has a deep passion for healing people, which fits her career path perfectly. However, she’s has the quite the talent when it comes to music as she can play piano, bass, violin and the list goes on. She understands that not all guests have the same needs and is excited to create a personalized experience for each and every one.

Team Member Amber Stachowiak | SENIOR NAIL ARTIST | LEAD LASH + WAX |
Team Member
Amber Stachowiak

Amber is an extremely talented team member who finds joy in making people feel great through the tiny details - found in nails, lashes, and waxing. Creativity is her forte, especially when it comes to nail art. She's an avid oil painter and enjoys trying a variety of foods, though she's particularly fond of cheese. Amber's love for plants is evident in her collection, and she loves engaging with her guests to create a welcoming salon experience.

Team Member Faith Stinner | HOSPITALITY SPECIALIST |
Team Member
Faith Stinner

Meet Faith, a vibrant member of our hospitality team who brings a salon-like atmosphere to our workplace. She's known for her ever-present smile and a heart full of happiness. Faith loves interacting with everyone, be it our colleagues or guests, and her cheerful demeanor never fades.

Beyond work, Faith is a bibliophile, with her room resembling a mini library. She's a museum enthusiast and enjoys the simple pleasures of life, like trying new fruits. Faith's true passion lies in helping others, from answering questions to brightening someone's day with her engaging conversations.

Team Member Maddie Zirkle | SALON DIRECTOR |
Team Member
Maddie Zirkle

Maddie has been dedicated to serving at Root since opening day! She’s always cheering on our team members from the side lines, encouraging them to be better each day. Moving her body and learning a healthy lifestyle fuels Maddie's passions outside of salon life. Maddie keeps the harmony within Root balanced and ever flowing.

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Fluffy volume lashes by our lash artist, @rach.root

Our artists range from newer artists to masters with years of experience, but even at our lead level, Rachel is giving beautiful looks and safe, well applied lash styles. The time she spent studying and practicing shows in her art! Stunning!

Not only did she get the perfect hair color, she chose to wear the perfect colored shirt to compliment it.

Colors and tones excite us! What shades compliment you, as well as, what colors bring out your features best is something that makes you pop when you figure it out!

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Bright nails for spring by @root_presley ! ...

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Hair by @taylor.barnhiser

If we said his name he owes you a spa day at Root!

You deserve it 🫶🏻

Pretty cool, right? We calculated how much carbon we emit and bamboo was planted to offset this carbon. While we can’t cut all of our waste or environmental impact, we can do small steps to bring it into balance and that makes a difference, too! ...

Fun Fact! We are able to recycle our hard wax from body waxing to be used for clean energy! We’re proud to be 95% sustainable and be a @greencirclesalons partner. ...

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MEET MIRANDA 🌿🖤 One of our stylists.

Follow her at @miranda.mcnutt_hair