Receive a full set of lashes in december and get $40 off your appointment! Lash Special In December, purchase $125 in gift cards and get 1 ticket to win a spa day! Receive an additional ticket for every additional $50 spent. Spa Day:
-60 Minute Hot Stone Massage
-60 Minute Essence Facial
-Spa Pedicure
-Lunch from The Table on Fulton
-Flex Gel Manicure
-Wash & Style
Gift Card Special
All Permanent Cosmetic appointments received in December get an entry to win! $150 Value Giveaway We are proud to be a leader in our community for this movement. Thank you for supporting our journey. Take pride in knowing that we are recycling the waste from your services and choosing eco friendly alternatives! We are 95% sustainable & carbon neutral Gold Flakes Silk Amino Acids Copper Geneo Glam boosts and enhances the skin barrier to prevent loss of collagen and moisture, revealing a more supple texture. Geneo Glam Treatment Root Signature Scent This winter pedicure features a cool cinnamon orange massage followed by a honey yogurt mask with hot towels and honey chai glaze + moisturizer. Schedule a Spa or Luxury Pedicure to receive this seasonal experience. We recommend paring with our cinnamon tea or hot apple cider. Winter Warming Pedicure

About us

Root Salon & Spa is a full-service salon and spa and we are all about just that – serving you. When you walk through our doors, we want you to know you’re our guest. We provide a relaxing environment with luxury products, knowledgeable and excited team members, who are each ready to provide a positive experience.

Service Menu

  • BROW
  • HAIR

Get your nails done for great mood. Simple pleasures can make your week, not just day.

Brows can change it all. Try out styling and tinting your brows and see the difference.

Stylish hair cuts, gorgeous styling, incredible color services and best hair treatments. Choose your dream service!

Indulge a little longer with a customized facial to help achieve your skin goals in 60-90 minutes.

Complete your service with beautiful makeup and simply be amazing with complete look.


Our Holistic Roots

  • Cultivate an environment for team members and guests alike to feel valued and connected.
  • Intentionally love our team and our guests like God loves his people.
  • Provide superior service through advanced education and high quality products.
  • Advocate for the Earth: We are carbon neutral, 95% sustainable and growing.

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When Root Salon & Spa was originally founded, it was created as a spa environment, as this did not exist within our community and we wanted to provide a place for spa professionals to work together in Wauseon. Our journey first began in 2013 as Root Skin Care, two estheticians renting a small room shared with a massage therapist. The three of us loved bringing their services together and would eventually found Root Salon & Spa in 2017. We were blessed with family and friends who offered hair and nail services, and we jumped at the chance to work with them! As our journey continued, we quickly realized what we were creating was much more than just a spa.

Guest Testimonials

Everything was great! Loved being greeted upon arrival and offered beverages from the start of the process to the finish. What a welcoming atmosphere!


It’s such a cute little business that feels warm and super calm! They give you water with little orange slices in them, it feels super fancy


Alex took the time to ask lots of questions on what I was needing. He made me feel very comfortable. Super professional. I’m very happy that I’ve finally found a massage therapist that fits what I need.

Larissa R.

I LOVE going to Root Salon. Very clean and comfortable. The decor is soothing. Staff is very friendly and helpful. My favorite thing is that they have a person at the desk for scheduling so your haircut never gets interrupted by a stylist being forced to also answer the phone.

Rachel P.

Root Salon & Spa is clean, beautiful and relaxing. I love coming to this establishment, it makes me feel pampered and relaxed. Oh, and the hot chocolate is deeeelishous!!! Everyone is friendly and very professional.


“It’s all about me baby..”
When you go to Root they pamper you and make you feel special. Root isn’t just a salon. Root is an experience. I recommend it highly.


Love the setting & promptness of employees willing to help!

Lynette H.

Our Team

Our team is made up of crazy-talented individuals. Each bringing their unique personality and experiences to our team. We operate with a team mentality and encourage you to visit us all! 

As Seen On

The place with its style, soul and uncompromising quality.“

“Beauty heaven in the heart of Manhattan. Must visit place for beauty lovers.“

“Awesome atmosphere, professional team and beautiful people around.“

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How are lashes attached?

This is a common question we hear! Lash extensions are created by collecting 3+ individual lashes,that are far lighter than one natural lash! While fanning them will give a connection at the base.

That base is dipped in a surgical grade adhesive and then applied to one natural lash. A little wiggle, and that fan is wrapped around your natural lash and with proper home care should last for weeks to come!

We repeat this for each natural lash that has grown and that is healthy enough to support a lash extension. The lashes still in the anagen growth phase are left to lash at your next appointment!

Lashes by @aisha.root

Did you know we offer Seasonal Facials?

Right now you'll find our popular Winter Facial. This includes an oil cleanse, winter warming enzyme treatment, honey chai and cinnamon massage, and our honey & yogurt face mask. It is like Christmas wrapped up in a facial!

These are built to relax your mind and soften and hydrate your skin while bringing in the scents of the season.

For more treatment based facials, check out our Essence, Facial Infusions, or Geneos!

Have you ever heard hair is in it’s weakest state when it’s wet? That means it’s extremely important to avoid going to bed with wet hair or putting your hair up when it’s wet.

Another way to avoid breakage is by not putting your hair up as often, especially in the same placement every time. Although we all love a good mom bun, try to switch it up. A claw clip, low pony, braids are some great options to help avoid the access breakage when put up in the same spot over and over again.

Hair by @_taylorbarnhiser

Christmas lights + plaid makes for Christmas nails of our dreams 🎄

Do you have a Pinterest board overflowing with nail inspiration? Feel free to show your nail artist so you both can find a color scheme and the perfect nail art to complete your gorgeous manicure 🫶

Nails by @root_presley

Today starts our winter warming pedicure! 🍊

With our spa and luxury pedicures you’ll now enjoy a wash and triple shot scrub, a massage with red hot oil and cinnamon covered frozen orange slices. Then a soothing mask followed by calming honey chai lotion.

As you may know cold stress is so beneficial to the body. Using frozen orange slices will aid you in bringing relief to your aches and pains. All the while, oranges give off a dose of vitamin c and will help to brighten the skin complexion. Pairing it with cinnamon is a great combination as cinnamon is an anti-fungal and helps increase blood flow.

Not only will the aromatherapy smell amazing but you’ll also feel a wonderful difference in your skin while you are completely relaxed.

Have you been itching to get lash extensions but pacing yourself during the holiday season?

We’re here to treat you. During the month of December receive $40 off your full set appointment. Hurry while there is still availability left 🥰

Today is Giving Tuesday!

10% of our profit today will go to the Light for Levi Foundation.

It isn’t something that we share often, but 10% of our profit every day is donated to foundations close to our heart.

Just this year we’ve given to World Vision, Task Force 20 for veterans, and directly to Levi’s family, as well as their foundation.

We also have a sweet child named Aissatou, pictured above, who lives in Senegal that we support year round!

Regardless of where you choose to spend your hard earned dollars today, we are excited about the influx of giving that happens today and all the good it brings to the world! Happy Giving Tuesday!

Check our link in our bio to learn more about Levi + the foundation!

One of our favorite lines from Farmhouse Fresh, the Bluephoria line, has expanded adding two new products.

These products focus on balancing out skin tone and texture, while supplying hydration to the skin. With ingredients like full spectrum CBD, shea butter, Farmhouse fresh grown spearmint you’ll be sure to receive a rejuvenating and calming experience.

The lip drench jelly sleep mask is great for anyone! Whether you have been experiencing dry lips or you’re looking to prevent. You’ll apply a generous amount to the lips before bed, or whenever hydration is desired. Let it soak in and enjoy your supple lips that are soft and plump.

The chill out super moisture mask is a great option when you want to improve your skin texture and any uneven skin tones while boosting skin hydration. After washing your face, apply a layer to the face and neck, letting it sit and do its job for 15-30 minutes before rinsing with warm water and finishing your skin care routine. For even better results, pair it with the jelly mask and wear both overnight!

Are you wanting a more define brow but not ready to commit to permanent brows? Consider henna brows!

Henna is a great alternative to tinting. You can expect the stain to last on the skin for up to 10 days and 3-4 weeks on the brow hair.

A patch test is required 48 hours prior to your appointment, feel free to stop in anytime during regular business hours for application.

Henna brows by @aisha.root

This time of the year we are all prone to dry skin! With that being said it’s so important to keep up with your moisturizers.

Between the cool air and washing our hands often, dry hands can happen fairly quickly. Whether you want a hand cream for either your bag or car, or a nail cuticle oil we have you set!

Flex gel set by @kristen.root.nails

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Hope you all have a safe and peaceful holiday, we look forward to serving you again on Saturday.

🖤- Your Root family

Have you ever heard someone say they have to go darker because it’s winter?

We’re hear to say it loud and proud that there’s no rules when it comes to what you can do with your hair and when. The fun in hair is changing it when you’re ready.

So add the blonde 😉

Hair by @chichairby_shiloh

Is there a better nap than a lash nap?

Absolutely not, especially with @brielewis.esthetics_root calming presence.

Not only does permanent eyeliner give you a more awake and put together appearance, it also helps your lashes look fuller as your eyelash base has the eyeliner behind it!

Did you see the giveaway @emilysue.root and @aisha.root are doing? Follow them and watch our stories to get the latest details! ✨

Permanent eyeliner by @emilysue.root

We love total relaxation when it comes to our pedicures. We now have a QR code for you to access during that time giving you options to increase your pedicure experience.

Hover your camera over the QR code. Once you’ve scanned it a link will pop up, click that link. That link will take you to our website where you’ll see a detailed luxury upgrade list. Gel polish, toning treatment, hot stone, luxury soaks are all a few options for upgrades.

I think we can all agree this set is gorgeous!

Flex get set by @root_presley

As we always take personal preference into consideration, there’s also a few other reasons that dictate placement of lash extensions.

For example, how many natural lashes you have. Lash extensions are placed onto your natural lashes, and if you don’t have enough or depending on the strength you may not be able to have a fuller lash set. Eye shape is also another consideration, as you want lashes to always look natural while making your eyes pop!

Lash set by @lorijo.root.esti

Have you ever thought your colour looks good but could you a fresh tone or some shine?

Schedule a refining colour to give your hair life again! It helps in receiving the desired tone you like in between colour appointments, while also giving your hair a beautiful shine to it.

This is perfect for our clients with a lived in colour!

Hair by @heartlandhairapy

Firm and hydrate your skin with our newest edition to our Geneo Treatments!

Marli shows you a sneak peek of this treatment which features pure gold, hyaluronic acid, silk amino acids, marula and rosehip oils. The result is well-toned, replenished, and hydrated skin, with a healthy, beautiful glow! Who doesn’t dream of that? ✨

You know we got it!

With new things coming in every week, we have something for everyone on your Christmas list! 🎁


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Sunday: closed


525 North Shoop Ave.
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