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Root Salon & Spa is a full-service salon and spa and we are all about just that – serving you. When you walk through our doors, we want you to know you’re our guest. We provide a relaxing environment with luxury products, knowledgeable and excited team members, who are each ready to provide a positive experience.

Of course 🫶🏻🌿 ...

Your liver is an incredible organ that is responsible for over 500 functions. Filtering toxins from the blood is only a small part of what our livers do, and when the liver is stressed these toxins still need to be removed.

This is where our skin steps in! Another incredible organ, it is meant to detox primarily through sweat but when the toxin load is too high, toxins come out through breakouts, rashes, and create dull or inflamed skin.

At Root, we find the source of these toxins. Candida, food preservatives, chlorine, mold, H. pylori, and pesticides are common offenders we can easily recognize based on how and where the skin disruption is occurring.

Heal your skin, heal your body! Schedule a complimentary consultation with an esthetician to begin healing today.

Now booking 2024 permanent makeup. Permanent makeup appointments fill quickly, especially if you’re needing an evening appointment.

We recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation with Aisha now to discuss desired results, contraindications, concerns, and pricing! Then, we’ll be able to get you scheduled for exactly what you need to achieve that perfect brow!

The cutest little Christmas trees by Harmony! ...

Lashes can look soft and delicate but still make a big impact!

Lashes by Brieann!

Your KEVIN.MURPHY needs always in stock.

Holiday kits are limited edition and include a styling product free!

Red light strengthens the mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of the cell that creates energy. Creating energy = creating healing, reversing aging and disease.

Heal yourself!
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Facial Reflexology is found in our Scalp + Face treatments. These treatments focus on what is under the skin. Reflexology encourages a healthy blood and lymph flow, releases tension, and stimulates collagen and elastin. This not only allows for improved health, but allows for more defined facial features and radiant looking skin. ...

Stop by to shop with us!

There is no appointment needed to browse our offerings. From luxury self care products to home decor and children`s gifts.

The majority of our products are created by women from all over the USA! We love supporting their families and their beautiful goods.

Today is Giving Tuesday.

Of all the days set aside for shopping, this one aligns most to what is on our hearts.

Year round we give 10% of our profit. This is something that we feel called to do and recognize that our blessings are meant to be shared.

This giving Tuesday we are sharing the organizations we give to and are asking you to consider giving to them as well. We`ll be pulling Light for Levi t-shirt winners for anyone who gives and is entered into our contest! Visit us to learn more about this organization!

We are also going to be wrapping up our Gama blow dryer contest. Any product purchased today enters you into this contest!

We want to thank each of our guests who visit us during the year. Your patronage allows us to not only support our team but these initiatives that are dear to our hearts. Thank you for allowing us to exist and to bless others!

Today is the day! 🍫 Our cocoa + peppermint pedicure is back!

With all spa and luxury pedicures you will find a Ghirardelli chocolate waiting for you while you receive a hot chocolate when you’re ready. Add the homemade peppermint whip cream, it’s our favorite!

During your pedicure you will experience many amazing products from our @farmhousefresh line. A soak to start off your pedicure then going into a delicious carmel coffee scrub. Followed by that you’ll find many comforting treatments like a chocolate mask paired with essential oils, hot towels with a honey heel glaze and of course the long awaited massage with both oil and shea butter!

Call or text us at (567)454-1384 or as always feel free to DM us to schedule!

We hope you’ve enjoyed every moment this holiday weekend. Our team is back in tomorrow, ready to take care of you! ...

Do you wish you could have someone to wash your hair every time?

We have guests that actually make that dream a reality! If you have hard water or just difficulty washing your own hair, this might be a great option for you!

You can schedule a day style and we`ll wash, blow dry, and style your hair for you!

Our nail artists are rocking the holiday nails this season! We love this mixed design by Harmony! ...

We`re coming up to the busiest shopping season of the year. We`ll be closed Thursday - Saturday this week to give our team some well deserved family time!

This means that we`ll be closed on Small Business Saturday, but we`ll be here for Giving Tuesday! Giving Tuesday is such a beautiful day!

Stop in to shop our retail offerings and be entered to win a Gama Blow Dryer! We also will have a table to share a bit about our monthly committed giving. We are committed to giving 10% of our profit to these foundations and to local needs in our community! We`re inviting you to give any amount to any of these organizations and be entered into our second drawing for Light For Levi t-shirts.

Please join us Giving Tuesday! If you`re not able to stop in, just know we appreciate your support all times of the year!

Thank you for spending your dollars wherever you choose to spend them on Giving Tuesday!

Wispy lash sets have our heart💗 ...

G I V E A W A Y ✨

Until Giving Tuesday, November 28th, every product you purchase will give you a ticket to be entered in to win a Gama professional blow dryer! A personal favorite in our salon.

Keep your eye out on that day as we will pull our winner AND announce another giveaway 😉🫶🏻

Did you know we are a KEVIN.MURPHY salon?

Not only do we carry the home care, but we use the full colour line. Not all brands play well together, and most are not as concentrated or clean. When switching to KEVIN.MURPHY, our stylists will guide you in the how to because it really is different than your average shampoo!

Keeping everything brand specific guarantees you the best results and lasting color and styles. All our products are designed to work together and KEVIN.MURPHY combines science + nature to give unparalleled results.

There’s times where we want to embrace natural hair and maintain healthy hair but also want a pop of bright at the ends, and those times call for extensions!

It’s a great way to blend a beautiful natural color at your root but throw in extensions for that pop of bright at your ends. Truly a win win ✨

Color and extensions by @chichairby_shiloh


We are proud to say that we are 95% sustainable and actively working towards becoming fully sustainable! The brands we carry are purposefully chosen based off of their quality and sustaibalility. Root Salon & Spa is a Carbon Neutral space!


  • Accelerate .27oz

  • Balance 2.7oz

  • Extract 1oz

  • Molecular Repair Hair Oil


Our Holistic Roots

  • Cultivate an environment for team members and guests alike to feel valued and connected.
  • Intentionally love our team and our guests like God loves his people.
  • Provide superior service through advanced education and high quality products.
  • Advocate for the Earth: We are carbon neutral, 95% sustainable and growing.

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When Root Salon & Spa was originally founded, it was created as a spa environment, as this did not exist within our community and we wanted to provide a place for spa professionals to work together in Wauseon. Our journey first began in 2013 as Root Skin Care, two estheticians renting a small room shared with a massage therapist. The three of us loved bringing their services together and would eventually found Root Salon & Spa in 2017. We were blessed with family and friends who offered hair and nail services, and we jumped at the chance to work with them! As our journey continued, we quickly realized what we were creating was much more than just a spa.

Guest Testimonials

Everything was great! Loved being greeted upon arrival and offered beverages from the start of the process to the finish. What a welcoming atmosphere!


It’s such a cute little business that feels warm and super calm! They give you water with little orange slices in them, it feels super fancy


Alex took the time to ask lots of questions on what I was needing. He made me feel very comfortable. Super professional. I’m very happy that I’ve finally found a massage therapist that fits what I need.

Larissa R.

I LOVE going to Root Salon. Very clean and comfortable. The decor is soothing. Staff is very friendly and helpful. My favorite thing is that they have a person at the desk for scheduling so your haircut never gets interrupted by a stylist being forced to also answer the phone.

Rachel P.

Root Salon & Spa is clean, beautiful and relaxing. I love coming to this establishment, it makes me feel pampered and relaxed. Oh, and the hot chocolate is deeeelishous!!! Everyone is friendly and very professional.


“It’s all about me baby..”
When you go to Root they pamper you and make you feel special. Root isn’t just a salon. Root is an experience. I recommend it highly.


Love the setting & promptness of employees willing to help!

Lynette H.

Our Team

Our team is made up of crazy-talented individuals. Each bringing their unique personality and experiences to our team. We operate with a team mentality and encourage you to visit us all! 


T: 567-454-1384


Monday – Thursday: 9:00 – 9:00
Friday: 9:00 – 6:00
Saturday: 8:00 – 6:00
Sunday: closed


525 North Shoop Ave.
Wauseon, OH 43567