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Root Salon & Spa is a full-service salon and spa and we are all about just that – serving you. When you walk through our doors, we want you to know you’re our guest. We provide a relaxing environment with luxury products, knowledgeable and excited team members, who are each ready to provide a positive experience. We focus on internal beauty to feed the external. You’ll find many of our regimens include internal recommendations and also the use of our Wellness Memberships that feed the body at the cellular level. 

Relax with your root match

Try our short matchmaking quiz to discover which of our Artists are truly the best fit for your unique personal style, and your amazing personality!

This month in celebration of Earth Month we’re offering buy 3, get the 4th free on all eco friendly products including KEVIN.MURPHY! With every eco friendly product you purchase you’ll also be entered into our giveaway 🌎 ...

@jan_gnagey_root created this gorgeous hair paired with beautiful waves for her guest.

When you come to your appointment whether it’s for a style or a color service we’re here to serve and that doesn’t end when you leave. It carries on when you go home, which is why we enjoy showing you ways to care for your hair and even style it a way that you enjoy while fitting a convenience for your lifestyle 💛

The KEVIN.MURPHY Difference

When it comes to sustainability, KEVIN.MURPHY sets the bar high, embodying eco-consciousness in every aspect of their brand:

💧 Water Stewardship: The water used in their product formulations undergoes a remarkable process, leaving the stream cleaner than before extraction.

📦 Smart Packaging: With intentionally designed rectangular packaging, KEVIN.MURPHY optimizes space, minimizing waste and reducing the need for excess packaging material during shipping.

🌱 Eco-Friendly Shipping: All shipping materials are biodegradable or compostable, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint from production to delivery.

♻️ Carbon Neutrality: KEVIN.MURPHY’s commitment to sustainability extends to their carbon-neutral operations, mitigating any unavoidable emissions through offset programs.

🌾 Sustainable Ingredients: From the selection of ingredients to the processes of growing and harvesting, KEVIN.MURPHY prioritizes effectiveness alongside environmentally conscious practices.

🌊 Investment in Sustainability: Through active involvement in sustainability efforts and ocean cleanup initiatives, KEVIN.MURPHY demonstrates a profound dedication to preserving our planet.

Choose KEVIN.MURPHY for hair care that not only enhances your beauty but also reflects your commitment to a greener, healthier world. 🌿✨

Flowers meet gold flakes? She’s the move this summer!

Whether they’re timeless nails or a two month trend, we love to see what you come up with. Just like these gorgeous nails by @cosmetology_amber

Scrummi is our go to towels! They are biodegradable and while they claim to be single use, we have seen people utilize them in more ways than one.

We incorporate them in our day to day from helping our guests experiences or maintaining our salon. They are 100% natural and disposable, breaking down in 100 days or less! By switching to Scrummi we’ve reduced energy, water and CO2 emissions. 💧

Peace + quiet🤍

Moms everywhere agree — a little alone time to renew the mind, body, and spirit goes such a long way in being the best momma and wife!

With our memberships, mom gets 18 visits each month just for her! The light bed takes only 8 minutes while the sauna is a 30 minute session — perfect for a quick nap!

These visits can be scheduled back to back or just one at a time. Whatever fits her schedule!

We have a few convenient options to gift, follow the link in bio for more info!

Fluffy volume lashes by our lash artist, @rach.root

Our artists range from newer artists to masters with years of experience, but even at our lead level, Rachel is giving beautiful looks and safe, well applied lash styles. The time she spent studying and practicing shows in her art! Stunning!

Not only did she get the perfect hair color, she chose to wear the perfect colored shirt to compliment it.

Colors and tones excite us! What shades compliment you, as well as, what colors bring out your features best is something that makes you pop when you figure it out!

Hair by @chichairby_shiloh

A yearly touch up with @aisha.ink is important to keep your brows precise with great color! ...

Repair, protect, and shine with Leave-In.Repair! Apply to towel-dried hair, focusing on mid-lengths and ends, and style as usual. Say goodbye to dry, damaged strands! 🌟 #HairCare #LeaveInTreatment ...

MEET MADDIE 🤍🌿 Our salon director and go to gal! ...

Shower heads provide results on an active journey to hair heath! That’s why we’ve chosen to use @ecoheadsnorthamerica over the last few years.

With ECOHEADS they’re filtering water, introducing negative ions to soften the water, increasing water pressure while reducing water and energy usage.. almost like less is more.

By providing a shower head filter you’re allowing your hair to be softer and healthier, while also maintaining a color you enjoy best!

Are you ready for hair that turns heads wherever you go? Say hello to smooth, shiny, and frizz-free locks with our Brazilian Blowout treatment.

This month, our talented stylists Miranda and Grace are offering the ultimate hair transformation for just $150!

Why should you get a Brazilian Blowout, you ask? Well, picture this: humidity-proof hair that looks like it’s straight out of a salon, lasting for 12 weeks! Plus, it strengthens and protects your hair, leaving it healthier and more manageable than ever before.

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer, book your appointment now and let Miranda or Grace work their magic.

📸: @ctjohnsonphoto

Bright nails for spring by @root_presley ! ...

Are you dreaming of the perfect blonde for spring and summer? Now’s the time to start!

You can see results you love while doing it in a safe manner. We LOVE pairing our blondes with a K18 treatment. This will prep your hair before your color service while also repairing any previous damage. She’ll be your bff ✨

Hair by @taylor.barnhiser

If we said his name he owes you a spa day at Root!

You deserve it 🫶🏻

Pretty cool, right? We calculated how much carbon we emit and bamboo was planted to offset this carbon. While we can’t cut all of our waste or environmental impact, we can do small steps to bring it into balance and that makes a difference, too! ...

Fun Fact! We are able to recycle our hard wax from body waxing to be used for clean energy! We’re proud to be 95% sustainable and be a @greencirclesalons partner. ...

It is Earth Month! 🌎

We’re celebrating sustainability all month long with buy 3, get your 4th item FREE of all our eco-friendly products. This includes our favorite eco-friendly brand KEVIN.MURPHY!

From kitchen to beauty, we’ve sought out and tested these products and they’re not only good for our planet, but excellent quality and bring beauty to daily routines!

Have you tried some of these products, if so what is your favorite?

MEET MIRANDA 🌿🖤 One of our stylists.

Follow her at @miranda.mcnutt_hair


We are proud to say that we are 95% sustainable and carbon neutral! The brands we carry are purposefully chosen based off of their quality, ingredients, and sustainability commitments. 


  • HydroJug Tumbler (Black)

  • HydroJug Tumbler (Navy)

  • HydroJug Tumbler (Cream)


Our Holistic Roots

  • Cultivate an environment for team members and guests alike to feel valued and connected.
  • Intentionally love our team and our guests like God loves his people.
  • Provide superior service through advanced education and high quality products.
  • Advocate for the Earth: We are carbon neutral, 95% sustainable and growing.

    Putting action to our calling:
    We believe these bullet points provide us the guidance we need to make decisions on products, services, protocols, and goals. Our Holistic Roots embody the belief that looking at things from all viewpoints—physical, mental, and social factors—is essential to create our desired results. 

Purchase Gift Cards

We think the gift of an experience is so much more valuable than another thing! Giving a gift card allows the receiver to choose their experience whether it is a visit in our salon or back in our spa area, or maybe even a wellness membership! E-gift cards are a click away or we have cute physical gift cards with complimentary cards at our hospitality desk. 

Guest Testimonials

Everything was great! Loved being greeted upon arrival and offered beverages from the start of the process to the finish. What a welcoming atmosphere!


It’s such a cute little business that feels warm and super calm! They give you water with little orange slices in them, it feels super fancy


Alex took the time to ask lots of questions on what I was needing. He made me feel very comfortable. Super professional. I’m very happy that I’ve finally found a massage therapist that fits what I need.

Larissa R.

I LOVE going to Root Salon. Very clean and comfortable. The decor is soothing. Staff is very friendly and helpful. My favorite thing is that they have a person at the desk for scheduling so your haircut never gets interrupted by a stylist being forced to also answer the phone.

Rachel P.

Root Salon & Spa is clean, beautiful and relaxing. I love coming to this establishment, it makes me feel pampered and relaxed. Oh, and the hot chocolate is deeeelishous!!! Everyone is friendly and very professional.


“It’s all about me baby..”
When you go to Root they pamper you and make you feel special. Root isn’t just a salon. Root is an experience. I recommend it highly.


Love the setting & promptness of employees willing to help!

Lynette H.

Our Team

Our team is made up of crazy-talented individuals. Each bringing their unique personality and experiences to our team. We operate with a team mentality and encourage you to visit us all! 


Relax with your root match

Remove the stress of visiting a new beauty pro by taking our quick matching quiz! You’ll discover which of our artists are truly the best fit for your hair or skin type, your unique personal style, and your preferences and personality! Walk into your appointment confident that you are visiting your perfect match!


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